Critical Ops: World Cup Tournament – Semi Finals Roadmap

It now comes down to the Semi-Finals where the 4 top teams in the world will fight their awaited battles. During tomorrow’s stream, we will learn of the two teams that will make it to the Finals. This post will give you the overall information regarding tomorrow’s stream and how the World Cup will conclude.

The two matches that will take place in the Semi-Finals of the World Cup Tournament are the following:

  1. Theocracy vs GankStars
  2. Redemption vs Uprising

These two matches will be streamed based on a Best of 3 format. Once the matches end, we will know which two teams will face each other in the Finals. We have decided to keep the Finals for another day since it deserves a special day dedicated to it.

Furthermore, following the two matches on stream we will also hold matches from King of the Arena as well. As always, the stream will start on Saturday at 10 AM Pacific Time through the following channels: Twitch, Mobcrush, & YouTube. View the updated Bracket for the Semi-Finals below.

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