Critical Ops: The Summer Cup – Round 2 Roadmap

With a list of 64 teams, you can imagine how competitive and tough this week must have been. Yet, we managed to successfully advance the top teams from the fold onto Round 2. We have now provided an updated bracket that reveals which teams will face each other. The teams must get in touch with one another and arrange a suitable time for both of them to play.

Teams have from Monday (June 12th) until Sunday (June 18th) to play their Round 2 matches. Any teams that are called upon to play on stream for the weekend must show up, more information on the stream timing will be revealed soon. Finally, You can check the Tournament Settings and updated Bracket below.

The Summer Cup Settings
  • 5vs5
  • 64 Teams
  • Plaza Map
  • Defuse The Bomb
  • $700 Prize & 250 Cases To Winning Team

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