Critical Ops: The Summer Cup – Teams Announced

The Summer Cup has been one of the most anticipated tournaments of this year. Today, we are announcing the 64 teams selected. You will notice old powerful teams and new mysterious ones too. We are confident that we will see many surprises in this tournament, especially that there are a lot of new teams that may give the old teams a run for their money!

The Summer Cup Settings
  • 5vs5
  • 64 Teams
  • Plaza Map
  • Defuse The Bomb
  • $700 Prize & 250 Cases To Winning Team

Please keep in mind that if your team has not been selected, you will get another chance in future tournaments. There were hundreds of teams that applied and we can only select 64. To be notified for future tournaments, you can register your team with us by clicking here. Furthermore, please make sure that you have joined our Discord Chat so that you can be in contact with your opponents.

We have aligned teams to play with their opponent based on several factors, one of which is timing. Therefore, you will find that you and your opponent will not be in much disagreement on timing as much as previous tournaments. If you disagree on the time that has been appointed to you, then it is you and your opponent’s responsibility to agree on a new time and date. After you have done so, be sure to inform a moderator or an administrator from our Discord Chat.

We will contact you via emails to ensure that you have been informed regarding the selection of your team and in order to connect you with your opponent. We wish you the best of luck in this tournament. You can find the list of teams announced as well as their opponents in the graphic below.

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