Critical Ops: The Summer Cup – Round 4 Roadmap

Round 3 was one of the best streams in a long time. The matches played literally left viewers on the edge of their seats. That is exactly the kind of impact we want Critical Ops matches to have on the audience. Now we enter Round 4 with four matches scheduled to be streamed for this weekend. The winners will secure a place in the Semi-Finals and we believe it will be a great event to behold.

We will update you soon on the day and time of this weekend’s stream. Here are the matches that will take place:

Streamed Matches

  1. Team Zer0 vs ArcherElite
  2. GankStars vs D2R Esports
  3. Invisible Inc. vs CsPG Immortals
  4. Team Clutch vs Cataclysm

Be sure to watch the Round 3 Stream here where you can see amazing matches that took place such as Cyclone’s Imperial vs GankStars and Invisible Inc vs Theocracy. Finally, you can check the updated bracket below.

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