Critical Ops & Clash Royale – Community Event #3

Last time we created a Community Event, we enjoyed hanging out with all of you. Therefore, we are running another Community Event on Monday at 5 PM Pacific Time and this time not only will we have Critical Ops but also Clash Royale! Based on your satisfaction, we will include more games in future events.

In our third Community Event, we will start with Critical Ops and create Defuse The Bomb matches while our streamers shoutcast you. After that, we will enter into Clash Royale and have fun with our viewers for a total of an hour where different players challenge each other as they are livestreamed. We look forward to have you join us for the fun and you can find all the details below.

The Community Event Settings
  • Streamed October 23rd – 5 PM Pacific Time
  • Streamed On YouTube, Twitch, & Youtube
  • Critical Ops & Clash Royale
  • 2 Hours Stream

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