WarFriends: The Tournament – Register Now

MOBILE E-SPORTS® is proud to announce its entry into WarFriends, a PvP cover-based shooter brought to you in association with About Fun, the talented team behind the title. The WarFriends Tournament is the first ever tournament for this game and we are excited to see what competitive players from the Mobile eSports Community can bring to the table. The world of WarFriends is an exciting one that provides unique and memorable characters, each with their own speciality.

The WarFriends Tournament Settings

  • Registration Period: November 24th – December 5th
  • Tournament Announcement Stream on December 1st
  • Tournament Begins on December 6th
  • 1 vs 1
  • 16 Players Accepted
  • Round 1 Begins Based on Best of 3 Format
  • $100 Cash, $580 Worth of In-Game Currency, & More

If you haven’t played WarFriends yet, click here to get it so that you can apply. In the application form, you will need to provide general information, your In-Game Name, and most importantly you need to confirm that you can record your matches. Each match must be recorded and the video needs to be sent to us in order to validate your match and ensure fair play.

This is a unique tournament because of the nature of one of the prizes that we will be offering. Not only will you receive $100 Cash, $580 Worth of In-Game Currency, and G FUEL Products only but there is more. What we want to add on top of this list is a MOBILE E-SPORTS Certificate that proves that you are the Champion of the WarFriends Tournament. You will have bragging rights for a lifetime! You can click here for a detailed description of the prizes.

The game allows players to easily challenge each other. To do so, you start by clicking on Battle, then selecting Game Mode, after that you choose Challenge Your Friend, and finally you enter your friend or opponent’s username to send a challenge to play in real-time.

Make sure to read our Rules & Regulations for The WarFriends Tournament before proceeding to register. The registration will remain open until December 5th so apply before it closes! You can register for this tournament by clicking here or signing up below.

You can follow us at:

Twitter: @eSports_Mobile

Youtube: Mobileesportsorg

Facebook: Mobileesportsorg

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