Forward Assault: The Summer Cup – Register Now

The time has come for a new first person shooter to test the will and skill of mobile competitive teams. Today, we are opening registration for Forward Assault’s Summer Cup. The tournament is scheduled to start on the 17th of July so be sure to apply before the 12th of July. Unique prizes, large cash, and the Hall of Fame awaits the top team that will dominate this tournament.

The Forward Assault Summer Cup Settings

We are proud to host this tournament in partnership with Blayze Games where this tournament will be the first but not the last. We welcome all competitive teams to apply for the Forward Assault Summer Cup Tournament. Not only there are countless valuable prizes but this is your opportunity to make history for the first official Forward Assault Tournament ever.

Since we recently introduced the MOBILE E-SPORTS Bot, we have made registrations for tournaments extremely simple. If you haven’t signed up your team with our bot yet then please join our Discord Chat. Once you are there, you can head to the #bot-channel room and type the command /help to get the details on how to register and create your team.

However, if you already have created your team then all you have to do to sign up your team for this tournament is typing the command /apply FA01 in the #bot-channel. Please make sure that your created team has at least 5 players invited to it in order to apply successfully.

Make sure to read our Rules & Regulations for The Forward Assault Tournament before proceeding to register. This is the time where you and your team can distinguish yourself in the Mobile eSports community and become the champions of the first ever tournament for Forward Assault.

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