Armajet: Join The Content Bounty Program

We are proud to announce a new partnership with Super Bit Machine, the developer of Armajet. We found in Armajet a great mobile esports experience and a new genre that can take gaming on mobile devices to the next level. 

There is so much to tell you about what we will be working on which includes monetary prizes and amazing products for players from the community to win. We are launching together the Content Bounty Program. Here is a brief description of how you can participate.

Joining The Armajet Content Bounty Program

  • Click here to sign-up for the Armajet Beta.
  • If you have an outstanding Armajet clip then send it to us by following and tagging @ARMAJET and @esports_mobile on Twitter.
  • Official submissions will be judged by Super Bit Machine and MOBILE E-SPORTS staff and on some occasions, special guests. Content will be judged based on killstreak/playmaking montages, weapon highlights, content utility (i.e. amazing tutorials or walkthroughs), wow-factor (including edited VODs), quality of uploads, and high-level gameplay tips and tricks. The Top 4 submissions will be selected and handed off to a community vote on social media.
  • Valid submissions: Gameplay submissions to be limited under 2 minutes of time (but more than 30 seconds minimum) with exception for tutorials or ‘walkthrough-style’ gameplay. VOD submissions must be no more than 2 weeks old from start of last bounty submission.
  • Occasionally, we may call on the community to generate focused or themed content, for instance, Velocitas specific gameplay with a reward bonus to VODs with “Ultra Kills” with a Velocitas rail gun! Content creators will know these requests well in advance so stay tuned!

Winning Armajet Content Bounties:

  • Every two weeks, the Top 4 selected clips picked out by Super Bit Machine and MOBILE E-SPORTS group content council will be displayed on a social media post for the Armajet community to vote on over Twitter.
  • The clip with the most votes after a 24hr period wins the Armajet Content Bounty of the week and is awarded with the standard reward pack consisting of an Armajet ultimate swag pack (T-shirt, Hoodie, Armajet Logo Snapback), and up to a $100 Amazon Gift Card, PLUS bonus RAZER accessories, and other swag items with pending bi-weekly availability as a Tier 3 reward.
  • Unlocking Armajet Content Bounty Rewards (Tier 1-3):
    • If we receive over 10 submissions and 100 total community votes for ‘Best Content’, winner unlocks Tier 1 Reward – Standard Armajet Swag Pack + $25 Gift Card
    • If we receive over 15 submissions and 150 total community votes for Best Video unlock Tier 2 Reward – Standard Armajet Swag Pack + $50 Gift Card
    • If we receive over 20 submissions and 200 total community votes for Best Video unlock Tier 3 Reward – Standard Armajet Swag Pack + $100 Gift Card w/ BONUS rotating prizes from RAZER + RAZER Hammerhead BT Headphones!
  • Winners will be announced via social media and receive swag pack shipment notifications every 2 weeks! If you have not received a message from @ARMAJET or @esports_mobile twitter via Direct Message, please email or message directly in Armajet’s Discord channel (

Finally, Armajet is a fast-paced multiplayer shooter and you will need to be skilled to dominate the battlefield. Currently, it is in Beta but you are able to sign up for it by clicking here to get access. We are really excited about the future of MOBILE E-SPORTS & Super Bit Machine and we hope you join us on this journey. Watch Armajet’s initial launch trailer below.

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