G FUEL RTD – Energy On Another Level

Today is a glorious day for the world of gaming and the energy drink industry. The new innovative energy drink, G FUEL RTD (Ready-To-Drink) Cans, can now be purchased by U.S. customers at gfuel.com. After many years of success with the original G FUEL products, Gamma Labs has decided to up the game and introduce a new healthy line of ready-to-drink energy products.

There will always be people who will drink canned energy drinks and why not go for the healthier option?

Cliff Morgan, CEO & Founder of G FUEL, said that: ”We were early adopters in the gaming space and we now have an aggregated reach of more than 200 million fans. They’ve inundated us with requests for a ready-to-drink version of G Fuel. We have a history of delivering products that meet our consumers’ demand for performance energy, extreme focus, and zero sugar. While they get that with our powdered products already, now they can get it in the convenience of a can.”

The G FUEL RTD line is the result of a massive customer demand and a healthier way of life. The cans come in four popular flavors: Blue Ice, FaZeberry, Rainbow Sherbet, and Sour Cherry. They are all carbonated featuring zero sugar and zero calories. Quite impressive, right?

Each can contains 16 fluid ounces of G FUEL, that’s approximately 0.473 litres. It is sold in either 4-packs or 12-packs and is available in both, single flavors or variety packs. The 4-pack is available for $10.99 while the 12-pack is available for $31.99.

The cans don’t come without their benefits. They consist of super antioxidants which includes turmeric, green tea, kale, broccoli, and blueberry extracts. The product is also Ketone-Enhanced, designed to reduce stress, boost endurance, and enhances focus & thought processing. Furthermore, the cans consist of a combination of Vitamin B, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin C.

Unlike other players in the energy drink industry, the people behind G FUEL, have been the first to support gamers and content creators regardless of their audience size or interests. Gamma Labs has become a community in itself and has a reach of over 200 million fans that appreciate the support they provide to gamers worldwide. For this reason, G FUEL will always be the first option when purchasing an energy product because the company behind it always invests back into the community and improves gamers lives for the better.

We at MOBILE E-SPORTS® have been pioneering the mobile esports industry since 2015. With so many ideas and plans yet not much support, we struggled to bring entertainment and competition to mobile gamers. The game changed for us when Gamma Labs stepped in and started supporting us, believing in our goals and in the passion of our community. This is why we are proud to be partners with Gamma Labs and proud to see them accomplish the impossible by innovating energy products from powder, to crystals, and now cans. Be sure to check out their website to get yourself the G FUEL RTD Pack of your choice. You can also use Code EsportsMobile to get 10% off your purchase.