G FUEL: The Top Game-Themed Flavors

While all the G FUEL flavors are amazing in their own way, this post will focus on the ones that are themed after games. You can check the entire list of flavors at https://gfuel.com/discount/esportsmobile. Since we have tasted all the game-themed flavors that are out, we want to share our feedback on them and rank them for you so you can have an idea of which to purchase first.

The released game-themed flavors are ranked as following:

  1. Type O (Inspired by Code Vein)
  2. Nemesis Tea (Inspired by Resident Evil 3)
  3. Spicy Demon’ade (Inspired by DooM Eternal)
  • Coming Soon: Peach Rings (Inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog) [Not ranked since it is not released yet]

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Let’s start with the first flavor, Type O. This one was extremely delicious when we tasted it. It has a unique and sweet delicious flavor with a tint of pomegranate mixed with cherry. This would be our number #1 choice out of the game-themed flavors. If you haven’t tasted it yet then add this one to the top of your list.

As for the second flavor on the list, the Nemesis Tea, it is quite the choice to drink during summer time. It tastes like Lemon Iced Tea. That is the best description for this flavor. If you are familiar with Lemon Iced Tea then you know what to expect. It is really good and refreshing, especially when it’s really cold.

And coming to our third flavor on the list, the Spicy Demon’ade. There is a lot that we can tell you about this one. It is quite an experience drinking this legendary flavor. Before we tested it, we were curious on how it would taste but we had to find out for ourselves. Here’s what you will experience, when you first drink it, you will taste lemonade but when you swallow it, you will feel some spice in your throat. It is a fascinating experience and we certainly never drank something similar to it. It is worth trying out if you have already got the other two game-themed flavors.

We will add a brief review of Sonic’s Peach Rings once it is out and once we have tested it. Stay tuned with this page for an update.

Finally, we highly recommend getting all of the flavors if you are able to, not only because they taste good but because the Tubs themselves come with a fantastic design and it’s cool to add them to your collection, especially if you are a gamer. There will be more game-themed flavors coming out so best to start your collection with these awesome ones.

We hope this article gave you an idea about these flavors and on what to expect when you buy them. You can always check the G FUEL website at https://gfuel.com/discount/esportsmobile to see their full flavors. If you want to buy G FUEL at a 30% discount, you can use Code EsportsMobile which will give you a massive discount on your purchase and will also support our work significantly. We hope you enjoy.