Critical Ops: The Phoenix Tournament – Teams Selected

What an exciting time it is to be part of gigantic tournament like Critical Ops: The Phoenix Tournament. A vast amount of teams have signed up but it all comes down to 64 only to participate in this anticipated event. Today, we will announce the participating teams and the groups that they will play in. Are you prepared?

Tournament Settings
  • Starting June 3rd
  • Teams: 64 Teams Selected
  • Regions: NA SA EU ASIA
  • Mode: Defuse The Bomb
  • Format: Bracket System in 5vs5
  • Prizes: $1000 Cash Prize, Special URatio Skin, MOBILE E-SPORTS Emblem, 80,000 In-Game Credits, GFUEL Products, Gamer Goo Products, 500 MES Credits, & Record In Hall of Fame.

64 teams have been selected to participate in The Phoenix Tournament. While we wish we can accept every team that applies, it can only come down to 64 teams. Keep in mind that the brackets you see are not the final version and we may add a new team if one team is inactive or disbands.


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Tournament Information

In this tournament, 64 teams from all around the world will participate in a 5vs5 format. All tournament rounds will be based on single elimination except for the Semi-Finals & Finals. The Semi-Finals will be based on a BO3 format while the Finals on a BO5 format. This tournament will be played in Defuse The Bomb mode. Once teams are selected, the team captains will be invited to a private chat on our Discord where they will be informed about the dates & times related to their matches and where they can talk to their opponents directly.

Teams will have to follow our recording process which is detailed in our Rules & Regulations. Any form of cheating or rule breaking will be penalized & we highly advise that team captains read all of our rules and explain the rules to their team members because this is the responsibility of the team leaders or captains.

Tournament Prizes

The top ranking team will receive $600 in cash, a special URatio weapon skin in the game distributed to 8 players on the team, a fantastic MOBILE E-SPORTS Emblem in the game distributed to 8 players on the team, 40,000 in-game credits to be divided among their players, GFUEL Starter Kits to 5 of the main players on the team, Gamer Goo Bottles to 5 of the main players on the team, and 500 MES Credits to be divided as 100 MES Credits to each of the 5 main players.

Moreover, the 2nd ranking team will receive $400 in cash, 25,000 in-game credits to be divided among their players, and GFUEL Starter Kits to 5 of the main players on the team, and Gamer Goo Products to 5 of the main players on the team. Finally, the 3rd ranking team will receive 15,000 in-game credits to be divided among their players.

For those of you who don’t know, MES Credits is a currency of ours which you can spend on our bot system shop and get amazing products such as gift cards, products from our sponsors, and more. In addition, the winning team will be recorded in our Hall of Fame which to this day records the names of victorious teams and players since the dawn of Critical Ops Esports.

These are a lot of prizes but your most important prize is the championship title for The Phoenix Tournament, the second ever tournament in Critical Ops history. Does your team have what it takes to claim this glory? You decide.


This tournament is global, however, the bracket has been designed to match teams by their regions for the first rounds and for this reason, the majority of teams will face teams from their region. On the other hand, teams from different regions that cannot mutually agree on a server can choose the option of playing a BO3 where Team A selects the first server, Team B selects the second server, and the third server is selected by the team with the best W/L ratio (the team that won more rounds).

Where Can I Watch The Tournament?

This tournament will be live-streamed on our official MOBILE E-SPORTS Youtube Channel. Be sure to subscribe to be notified when we are live. If you miss our live-stream then you can watch it at a later time on the same channel.

Sponsors & Partners

We are very grateful to have our amazing partners and sponsors on our side. They are supporting Critical Ops: The Phoenix Tournament in many ways. We will introduce our partners & sponsors below:

  • Critical Force was the first company we partnered with back in January of 2016 to launch the first Critical Ops Tournament. They are the team behind Critical Ops and have done a wonderful job in making Critical Ops as the ultimate mobile esports title. You can visit them at
  • GFUEL is our long time partner and is considered to be one of the most influential companies in the gaming industry. Their products are designed to energise gamers and non-gamers with their sugar-free delicious GFUEL drink. You can visit them at
  • Surfshark VPN is our latest sponsor and is an award-winning, secure VPN provider that is unique in the VPN industry. Their VPN service is the best that you will find at the most economical prices on the market. You can visit them at
  • Gamer Goo is quite a fascinating company that is helping gamers become more accurate and reliable during gaming. Gamer Goo eliminates sweaty palms for up to 4 hours, allowing gamers to play long hours without any interference. You can visit them at

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