Critical Ops Circuit: The Top Gameplay Contest

Critical Force & MOBILE E-SPORTS have teamed up with Zuvvii, a new video sharing platform, in order to introduce more prizes to the Critical Ops Circuit. At the end of February, March, & April, two top performance short clips will be selected and the players will be rewarded with a cash prize. The prize pool available is a total of $1800 with 3 Circuit participants getting $500 each & 3 casual players getting $100 each.

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What Is Zuvvii?

Zuvvii is a new and exciting social media platform designed specifically for gamers to share their clips. Zuvvii is exclusively for gaming content, and you can easily upload your moments directly onto the free mobile app. Being dedicated to gaming content means that you will be sharing and watching content that really matters. Download Zuvvii to your iOS or Android device by clicking here.

Why Use Zuvvii?

Zuvvii has been built with one thing in mind – a place to share your gaming clips with friends and others from the gaming community. ​The platform encourages content creators to reach new audiences by uploading funny fails and epic moments! ​It also creates an opportunity for esports teams to find the most talented and underrated gamers in the world. Furthermore, your clip might be selected and can get you a cash prize!

How To Participate?

Download Zuvvii on your mobile device from the App Store or Google Play Store, create an account, and upload your top Critical Ops clip. If you are playing in Circuit then make sure to write your name, team name, and the team you are playing against with #CriticalOpsCircuit in the description section of your clip. If you are not participating in Circuit, write some info about your gameplay with #CriticalOpsCasual in the description section of your clip. Clips can be as short as 15 seconds.

Finally, this is an exciting opportunity to win a cash prize whether you participate in the Circuit or not. Your team doesn’t have to win in the Circuit for you to win in this contest. All you have to do is share an exciting clip of your top gameplay from Circuit if you are participating in the tournament and if you are not participating, it can be a clip of a normal Critical Ops gameplay captured outside of the tournament.