Critical Ops: Snipers Showdown Tournament – The Finals Roadmap

The Critical Ops: Snipers Showdown Tournament is coming to an end but not without the action we all have been waiting for. This time, the Semi-Finals will be based on Best of 3 and the Finals on Best of 5, all to occur on Deathmatch mode. Each team will have to choose their assault players and snipers carefully because there is no going back after this. Continue reading

Critical Ops: Snipers Showdown Tournament – Round 2 Roadmap

The launch of Critical Ops: Snipers Showdown has been amazing. We had wonderful action play on stream, a lot of close matches, and definitely great moments that made us laugh and sit on the edge of our seats. This weekend we will go live with Round 2 and this time, we expect even more competition since the teams that have passed Round 1 are extremely professional. Continue reading

Critical Ops: Snipers Showdown Tournament – Teams Announced

Are your snipers and assault players ready for what’s coming? We have selected 32 teams to take part of the Snipers Showdown Tournament and we are very excited to see how each team implements their strategy with such an interesting combination of classes. Before we proceed, we ask that you kindly understand that almost half a million players have learned about our tournament and many thousands of teams applied for it. Therefore, we could not choose more than 32 teams but we will surely have more events in the future for you to participate in. Continue reading

Critical Ops: Anti Assault Tournament – Semi Finals Roadmap

4 teams remain as we enter the Semi Finals Round. This weekend we will have these top teams compete against each other on stream. The results were very surprising so far since the lack of Assault Rifles was a major factor in disturbing the balance among other top teams that have lost. We have appointed a time for the Semi Finals Stream and also updated the bracket so that you can see which teams will face each other. Continue reading

Critical Ops: Snipers Showdown – Register Now

We have seen players in standard tournaments and in sniper tournaments. The difference in gameplay and strategy between both was dramatic. What would happen if we mixed the two? Snipers Showdown is a new tournament that you can now register for where each team can have 3 snipers and 2 assault players. Will the snipers change the balance of the game or will the assault players lead the way for their teams? Continue reading