Critical Ops: Snipers Showdown Tournament – Round 2 Roadmap

The launch of Critical Ops: Snipers Showdown has been amazing. We had wonderful action play on stream, a lot of close matches, and definitely great moments that made us laugh and sit on the edge of our seats. This weekend we will go live with Round 2 and this time, we expect even more competition since the teams that have passed Round 1 are extremely professional.

Snipers Showdown Tournament Settings

  • Live-Streamed On TwitchMobcrush, YouTube, & YouTube
  • 5 vs 5: 3 Snipers & 2 Assault
  • Round 2
  • Any Map Allowed
  • Team Deathmatch
  • $800 Prize Pool & 300 Cases

We want you all to join us as we go live this Saturday and we will provide you with the time of the stream in several time zones below:

Stream Time Begins:

  • 01:00 PM (PT) Pacific Time, Saturday
  • 10:00 PM (CEST) Central European Summer Time, Saturday
  • 01:30 AM (IST) Indian Standard Time, Sunday

If you do miss out on our stream, do visit our YouTube Channel in order to watch the stream and other videos related to the stream. We hope to see you there and do not forget to bring your popcorn! Finally, you can find the updated bracket for Round 2 below.

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