Critical Ops: Snipers Showdown Tournament – Teams Announced

Are your snipers and assault players ready for what’s coming? We have selected 32 teams to take part of the Snipers Showdown Tournament and we are very excited to see how each team implements their strategy with such an interesting combination of classes. Before we proceed, we ask that you kindly understand that almost half a million players have learned about our tournament and many thousands of teams applied for it. Therefore, we could not choose more than 32 teams but we will surely have more events in the future for you to participate in.

Snipers Showdown Tournament Settings

  • Starting September 3rd
  • 5 vs 5: 3 Snipers & 2 Assault
  • 32 Teams Accepted
  • Any Map Allowed
  • Team Deathmatch
  • $800 Prize Pool & 300 Cases

If you see your team name in the bracket then you are required to join our Discord Chat and request a ”Team Role” in our #teamrolerequest room to give you access to the #snipers_showdown room. After we have brought the teams into the room, captains will get in touch with their opponents to decide on a time and date for their matches.

Keep in mind that we will select some matches to be played on stream and teams must show up to play or otherwise be disqualified. Round 1 will be approximately 1 week long unless we state otherwise. All maps are allowed to be played on and the mode will be Team Deathmatch. In addition to our standard Rules & Regulations, all teams can use 5 players, 3 Snipers and 2 Assault. All players can use the pistol or knife as much as they wish throughout each match. Finally, you can see the teams selected by viewing the bracket below.

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