The Phoenix Tournament – The Fight For Glory Begins

There are times when every single move that you make is being watched. Surely it is not easy but that is what our 4 semi-finalists will experience this Saturday. The team that will take the Phoenix Cup this Saturday will be the team that has confidence, communication, and competence. Four teams remain and yet they are no simple teams. If they made it this far then each one is capable of winning this tournament. This Saturday (May 28th) at 10 AM Pacific Time, you can watch the Semi-finals and Final live at Oh, did we mention? The remaining matches will be livestreamed from Mobcrush Headquarters! Without further ado, let’s explore the teams that will play in the Semi-finals and then leave you with some guidelines.

Team Analysis

SxC Spartans is a capable team that made it to the top in the last tournament and has a proven record in the use of strategy and individual skill. This team now stands among the top 4 that remain and has a very good chance at competing in the Finals. Led by SxC Jok3r, you can be sure that they are going into the Semi-finals with a devised plan. They tend to surprise us with a new strategy every now and then, so we will definitely be surprised again.

Revolution is a new name to an old team that has been in the community for quite a long time. They house some of the most talented players in the community. In fact, they are well known for their strategic gameplay and their victory always depends on it. A well known player in the team is Punisher, a genius that studies his opponent from head to toe before entering into a match. Their victory is extremely probable because they are a very tough team to take down.

Kings Vendetta is the champion of the Fireteams Tournament and this team has come to take over the Phoenix Tournament as well. Considering their past matches, their skill has yet to be rivaled by any of the teams we have seen. It will be challenging to take them down, yet nothing is impossible if the necessary hard work has been poured. Their power lies in their non-stop training and tactic development which is implemented on a constant basis. They have won before, and it would be silly to assume that victory is out of reach for them.

Darkest Throne is a mixed team of Darkest Nation and Kings players. In their unity they bring a combination of skills and strategy that’s unique and unprecedented. Although a new team, they have proven to be a worthy competitor against the top teams. It will be interesting to see how they will perform against the champion of the previous tournament. The players in the team, such as Abz & Gunfight, are long-time competitive FPS gamers. Needless to say, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Which team will you bet on? It seems hard to choose one over another when all have a high chance in winning this tournament. Truly, one of the toughest decisions to make. We are happy that we made it this far in the tournament and we hope that you join us live this Saturday so that, together, we can witness the champion of the Phoenix Tournament. The Semi-finals consist of 4 teams:

  1. SxC Spartans vs Revolution
  2. Kings Vendetta vs Darkest Throne

After the Semi-finals conclude, the 2 finalists will play against each other for the Final match of the tournament. Remember that all teams must be on our Bindle Chat (#MobileeSports) before the start of the tournament so that we can have a smooth stream. Be sure to join our chat room because after the matches conclude, we will do some giveaways there! Furthermore, we want to thank our talented streamers, Patriot Conan & iChase, for taking the time to go to Mobcrush Headquarters and livestream from there. Be sure to check their channels out on Mobcrush at Patriot_Conan & iChase. Also for those who want to watch our streams and matches on YouTube, then click here to visit the official Mobile eSports channel.

Note that any team that cannot make it will be disqualified. Prepare to invite our selected moderators to join each team’s Discord voice call to monitor it as you play. This is necessary to counter for any accusations of ”Ghosting.” If a team fails to invite the assigned moderator into their call then this may risk disqualification as well. This is after all the end of the Phoenix Tournament and teams are not only fighting for survival, but for glory. Which team shall rise from the ashes? We will leave the vote for you below.

Cast Your Vote

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