Critical Ops Fireteams Tournament – How Will It End?

The winners will get their names carved in our Hall of Fame, but who will they be? We have come very close to finding out and things are getting too exciting for anyone to handle. Today, we want to remind you that the Semi-finals & Finals will start at 10 AM Pacific Time at our Mobile eSports Mobcrush Channel. The Quarter-finals were beyond insane and the teams put a lot of hard work. The matches from the Quarter-finals will be uploaded on this website this week, in case you missed out on them. Will we be surprised today just like we were yesterday? This tournament has proven that even the strongest of teams are at risk of losing, and today’s matches will be insanely phenomenal. All teams should be prepared to have our moderators join their Discord calls in order to ensure that all matches are fair.

Let us start by introducing the teams that will play today and how the schedule will look like:

  • 10:00 AM – Stream Goes Live, Introductions, & Discussion
  • 10: 15 AM – Kings Empire vs Nismo
  • 10:50 AM – OTF vs Kings Vendetta
  • 11:25 AM – 3rd Place Match Between Losing Teams
  • 12:00 PM – Final Match Takes Place

These are the approximate times for today’s schedule and it may not be very accurate as things can become unpredictable. However, we will do our best to stay true to this schedule and we hope that the teams involved do so too. In the past matches, you have voted for the team you thought will win, and surprisingly, most of the time you were correct. Today we give you the chance to vote for the teams that you think will win in the Semi-finals, so turn on your Nostradamus powers and predict the future!

We would love to have you on our stream today and remember that there will be Giveaways taking place, so even though you may not be participating in today’s matches, you have a chance to be a winner as well. This is the moment we have all been waiting for. Which team will take it all? Click here to see the Prizes that the winners will acquire.

Finally, remember that this is the biggest FPS tournament to ever take place on mobile and the first of its kind, so be there and bring all your friends to watch with you. We are very grateful for all of your support and if you wish to see more similar tournaments in the future, we need you to come to our stream and watch it live. This way, we will understand that you want to see more tournaments like this one. Remember, at 10 AM Pacific Time at Which team will claim victory? Come and find out!

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