Critical Ops – The Qualifiers Revealed

We all heard of the Critical Ops Qualifiers that are coming in the next few months. Yet, there wasn’t much told about the nature of this episodic tournament. Today, we will unveil to you the nature of the Qualifiers and the World Cup. It seems like a long time has passed without competition. Clans have grew tired of nothingness and players are frustrated due to lack of tournaments. Ladies & Gentlemen, we proudly present to you the next big thing in the FPS competitive scene. Continue reading


A lot has been going on and many have been wondering what are our plans for 2016. Now, we are ready to share some of the details  with you. We already have hundreds registering with us on a weekly basis and this leaves us with a great amount of responsibility. Our job has become a bigger task and therefore, we plan to double our efforts so that we can bring to you the best that the world of eSports can deliver. Curious to know what we have in store for 2016? Here we go! Continue reading

The Phoenix Tournament – What Was & What Is To Come

Many would argue that the Semi-finals & Final were the best we ever had in mobile competitive gaming. Their point of view lies in the fact that the top clans were competing against each other in this tournament. We have seen a lot more variety in comparison to the last one, with teams composed of different clans aligning together. We can unquestionably say that it was a phenomenal experience for all of us. What was even more interesting is that the unexpected happened. Yes, the underdog has won. Continue reading