Critical Ops – The Qualifiers Revealed

We all heard of the Critical Ops Qualifiers that are coming in the next few months. Yet, there wasn’t much told about the nature of this episodic tournament. Today, we will unveil to you the nature of the Qualifiers and the World Cup. It seems like a long time has passed without competition. Clans have grew tired of nothingness and players are frustrated due to lack of tournaments. Ladies & Gentlemen, we proudly present to you the next big thing in the FPS competitive scene.

Qualifiers Settings
  • 4vs4
  • Single Elimination
  • No restricted weapons or items
  • Servers: North America, South America, Europe, & Asia
  • Bureau Map
World Cup Settings
  • 4vs4
  • Round 1 and 2: Single Elimination
  • Round 4 and beyond: Best of 3
  • Bureau Map

There will be four qualifiers taking place: North American Qualifiers, South American Qualifiers, European Qualifiers, and Asian Qualifiers. The NA Qualifiers will start later in August. The South American Qualifiers will start later in the month of September. As for the European Qualifiers, October will be the month of its launch. Finally, the Asian Qualifiers will begin in the month of November. Registration to all Qualifiers will start within a week so follow our website to be notified.

All teams can apply for any of the four tournaments regardless of your location. However, each tournament will be hosted based on the Qualifier. For example, any team from any country can apply for the NA Qualifiers but they will need to know that their matches will be hosted on the NA server. Keep in mind that from the teams registered, we will take first the teams that are based in the Qualifiers location. So for the NA Qualifier, we will take teams from North America first, and then we may select teams from other parts of the world.

Each region will start with 64 teams and the remaining top 16 teams will be the eligible teams to participate in the World Cup. The World Cup Tournament will take place in January of 2017 and it will bring 16 teams from each regional qualifier in order to compete against each other for glory. This will be the biggest event in FPS history considering the great amount of teams, energy, and hype. The Qualifiers will have 256 teams (over 1500 players including subs) and 64 only will be selected for the World Cup.

The Qualifiers will include prizes but the real prize is to get a spot for The World Cup Tournament. Why? Because it will have a large cash prize for the winning team! Excited already? You may have noticed that Bureau will be the Map for the upcoming Qualifiers & Tournament. We wanted to bring to you a fresh experience and a map where new and old players have a more equal chance at practicing on. The new map opens the path for interesting tactics for both sides of the aisle and creates a more complex decision-making process for the teams. We will update you with information on how to master the Bureau Map via this website.

9 thoughts on “Critical Ops – The Qualifiers Revealed

    • I agree I haven’t seen a registration form yet and your tempers say they are alreday open so please get back to me asap on news about registration for my team. I have been practicing very hard and my team would love to compete in the tournament so please get back to me


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