The Phoenix Tournament – What Was & What Is To Come

Many would argue that the Semi-finals & Final were the best we ever had in mobile competitive gaming. Their point of view lies in the fact that the top clans were competing against each other in this tournament. We have seen a lot more variety in comparison to the last one, with teams composed of different clans aligning together. We can unquestionably say that it was a phenomenal experience for all of us. What was even more interesting is that the unexpected happened. Yes, the underdog has won.

While this article comes a bit late in covering what happened, it was a necessity. You see, it’s not about covering the events only, it is about understanding them first and covering them later. When Team Revolution went against SxC Spartans, 55% of the voters bet on SxC Spartans, while 38.57% gave their support to Revolution. We all miscalculated. Both teams did a marvelous job. The match began with SxC Spartans leading the score up to 4 – 1 and many thought that SxC Spartans secured their victory. Yet, we noticed Revolution fighting for its reputation and with oL cHucky giving his team a push towards a score of 7 – 7. It was then when we all wondered how it will end. The match ended up with a score of 13 – 11, Revolution secured their position for the Final.

Although Kings Vendetta secured the victory against Darkest Throne, we have to give Darkest Throne the credit for fighting their way through the match with a one man down. They definitely put up a ferocious fight and they will be remembered for their strong will and creative strategy. Yet, the winner was Kings Vendetta, the champions of the Fireteams Tournament.

As we prepared for the Kings Vendetta vs Revolution match, many believed that Vendetta will easily take the win. How could people doubt their power when Vendetta has demolished the strongest of teams throughout both tournaments? However, fate had a different plan for The Phoenix Tournament. The match started with the unexpected occurring. Revolution was leading over Vendetta with a score of 8 – 3! What? No one was expecting this, what was going on? But before everyone doubted Vendetta’s capability, they started rising in the score and eventually made it to 8 – 7. They were only 1 score under. Everyone was wondering whether this comeback will change the tide of the game. The match then reached a 12 – 12 score, this moment has literally overwhelmed all of us. We didn’t know what will happen next, it all came down to a Defuse which Vendetta was seconds away from completing. And then… And then came the bullet from Revolution, halting the defuse and rising like a phoenix from the ashes as the victorious team of this tournament.

The Phoenix Tournament, ladies and gentlemen, was gaming on a whole new level! It was an exciting event to watch and we know you all loved it, and that’s why we are working on new projects to improve the experience for you. Of course, more details will come in the upcoming weeks regarding the projects we are working on. Furthermore, this week we will have a new article that will inform you on how you can be a part of the MOBILE ESPORTS Team. That’s right, you will be involved in what we do and together as a community we will make the impossible happen again. Stay tuned with this website to be notified about the latest of MOBILE ESPORTS news. You can watch the Semi-finals & Final below.

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