The Phoenix Tournament – 64 Teams Selected

”Was my team selected?” has been one of the most asked question this week. Since we announced the Phoenix Tournament, teams have been waiting impatiently, curious to know whether they were selected or not. In this post, we will reveal the 64 teams selected. Even we have a bracket to show you but it is empty and we haven’t matched the teams against one another. As a matter of fact, we will livestream the teams match-up today (Thursday) at 2PM Pacific Time on After a long discussion, we thought that it would be more exciting if we discover together on the stream which team will play which.

The bracket was designed with a dark fiery theme to be consistent with the Phoenix Tournament. Once we find out the result of the draft today, we will add the teams to the bracket. So be sure to come to our live stream today. The first day of the tournament will be this Saturday (April 30th) and we will live stream it on the Mobile eSports Mobcrush Channel at 10AM Pacific Time. Finally, you can check the selected teams & the bracket design & below.

  1. Russian Team
  2. δRK Ascend
  3. Wardonkeys
  4. Vengeance
  5. ToxicSights
  6. The Incredible Humans
  7. Team_vX
  8. Team LSR
  9. Team HaWkS
  10. Team FataL
  11. Team Ace
  12. P2W
  13. GaLaxy
  14. Signature.Jynx
  15. SxC Baguette
  16. SvT
  17. StK
  18. SRK Beta
  19. Squad of Titans
  20. SK (Silent Killers)
  21. SxC Chata
  22. Savage Gaming
  23. Team Corrupted
  24. RFL Team
  25. Revolution
  26. POLA
  27. Papi Chulos
  28. SxC Spartan
  29. One Team One Dream
  30. Nerds in Arms
  31. LoG
  32. Knight Ops (KO)
  33. Kings Vendetta
  34. Kings Supremacy
  35. HNR Phoenix
  36. HaXoR Nat1on
  37. SxC Sentinel
  38. G3tz
  39. FroZeN Clan
  40. FlaKe Killers
  41. FakeAngelz
  42. DomeShot
  43. Diamond Clan
  44. DFR
  45. DevL Punishers
  46. DetroxDE
  47. Demolish
  48. DeFy
  49. Deadly Hawks
  50. Darkest Throne
  51. Darkest City
  52. CoЯe
  53. Cobra Division DN
  54. BeTrayer GoDz
  55. AzA Special ops
  56. AzA Clan
  57. Avengers
  58. Automatic
  59. Ardent Boom Shaka Laka
  60. Apex
  61. AcE eSports
  62. -LoS-
  63. _AoW_
  64. Diabolic

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