The Phoenix Tournament – What Was & What Is To Come

Many would argue that the Semi-finals & Final were the best we ever had in mobile competitive gaming. Their point of view lies in the fact that the top clans were competing against each other in this tournament. We have seen a lot more variety in comparison to the last one, with teams composed of different clans aligning together. We can unquestionably say that it was a phenomenal experience for all of us. What was even more interesting is that the unexpected happened. Yes, the underdog has won. Continue reading

The Phoenix Tournament – The Fight For Glory Begins

There are times when every single move that you make is being watched. Surely it is not easy but that is what our 4 semi-finalists will experience this Saturday. The team that will take the Phoenix Cup this Saturday will be the team that has confidence, communication, and competence. Four teams remain and yet they are no simple teams. If they made it this far then each one is capable of winning this tournament. This Saturday (May 28th) at 10 AM Pacific Time, you can watch the Semi-finals and Final live at Oh, did we mention? The remaining matches will be livestreamed from Mobcrush Headquarters! Without further ado, let’s explore the teams that will play in the Semi-finals and then leave you with some guidelines. Continue reading

The Phoenix Tournament – Round 3 & Beyond

Is it getting warmer here or is that the fire that resulted from this week’s apocalyptic matches? We can tell you that it hasn’t been an easy week for everyone. There has been victory and loss throughout Round 3 but some teams have left a memorable impression on our community. Oh we will discuss them! First, we will mention the teams that will play on stream this Saturday (May 21st) at 10 AM Pacific Time. Second, the memorable matches and talented teams from Round 3 will be discussed. Third, we will leave you with final words on Round 4 and the opportunity to cast your vote on the teams of your choice. Continue reading

Critical Ops – Rules & Regulations

Friends, the time has come to re-visit the ground rules for the Critical Ops Tournaments. It is important that all teams acknowledge and follow the rules in order for us to deliver a fair and fun tournament. A world without rules is a world of chaos and we want to build the Critical Ops world on an orderly platform. The rules provided will serve as a guide for current and future Critical Ops Tournaments. Let’s start, shall we? Continue reading

The Phoenix Tournament – Round 3 Roadmap

We want to start by congratulating the teams that made it as far as Round 3! We all know it wasn’t a walk in the park; more like a struggle for survival! For those that missed our tweets, messages, and articles; we have postponed Saturday’s stream for Sunday, May 15th. It will be livestreamed at 10 AM Pacific Time on We have come down to approximately 16 Teams and things are getting more and more thrilling. So which teams have made it? We will reveal them for you below. Continue reading

The Phoenix Tournament – Round 2 & Beyond

Round 2 is nearly complete as one team outs the other in the competitive matches taking place. We want to update you on several developments. First of all, Round 3 will be streamed on Sunday, May 15th, rather than on Saturday. We have extended it one day ahead. This means that the teams that didn’t play for Round 2, have until Saturday to play their match. In addition, we have an updated bracket added on this page so you can see which teams are currently playing in Round 2. Continue reading

The Phoenix Tournament: Team Spotlight – Round 1

Now that we started Round 2, we wanted to take a look at Round 1 and give you a better perspective on what actually happened. Although you may be aware of some of the teams, we have seen it all. Every single match that took place was viewed by us, so we wanted to provide a unique perspective on some of the top teams in Round 1. Some victories were easy and others were absolutely destructive. In today’s post, you will learn of the teams that you should be prepared to face because they are not here to play, but to win. Strategy is important and this is your time to adapt and develop for the next round. Continue reading

The Phoenix Tournament – Round 2 Roadmap

A very long week has finally passed and tomorrow we begin Round 2. It was a glorious week for some and unfortunate for others. There are still a few matches that we are trying to conclude but have we also selected the matches that we expect to take place on Saturday at 10AM Pacific Time. Remember that we will be streaming live at, so be sure to join us. Below, we will provide some of the teams that should be available on Bindle before 10AM Pacific Time so that we may choose some of them to play on stream. Continue reading

The Phoenix Tournament – The Full Schedule

After matching up the teams on live stream yesterday, we became more confident that this tournament will be much more competitive than the last one. Prizes are being updated and teams are getting hyped up for their matches. But what will the schedule for the streams look like? We want to make it simple for you to follow our streams and we also have an updated bracket with all the teams included in it. Continue reading

The Phoenix Tournament – 64 Teams Selected

”Was my team selected?” has been one of the most asked question this week. Since we announced the Phoenix Tournament, teams have been waiting impatiently, curious to know whether they were selected or not. In this post, we will reveal the 64 teams selected. Even we have a bracket to show you but it is empty and we haven’t matched the teams against one another. As a matter of fact, we will livestream the teams match-up today (Thursday) at 2PM Pacific Time on After a long discussion, we thought that it would be more exciting if we discover together on the stream which team will play which. Continue reading