The Phoenix Tournament – The Full Schedule

After matching up the teams on live stream yesterday, we became more confident that this tournament will be much more competitive than the last one. Prizes are being updated and teams are getting hyped up for their matches. But what will the schedule for the streams look like? We want to make it simple for you to follow our streams and we also have an updated bracket with all the teams included in it.

We want to remind all teams that we have emailed them to notify them of their opponent’s email. Please contact your opponent, agree on a time and date to play your match, then inform one of our moderators about the time and date. To get in touch with our moderators, please download an app called Bindle and join our room that’s called MobileeSports. There you can contact one of our moderators (Darkestdays, Mafula, DarkestPwice).

We expect all teams to be available on our Bindle chat this Saturday before 10 AM PT. If your teams are available then we will be able to select you to play on live stream. You can follow our live streams at Without keeping you any longer, you can check the tournament’s schedule, stream outline, and updated bracket below.

The Schedule:

Round 1: Starts Saturday April 30th at 10AM PT – Ends May 6th on Friday Midnight PT

Round 2: Starts Saturday May 7th at 10AM PT – Ends May 13th on Friday Midnight PT

Round 3: Starts Saturday May 14th at 10AM PT – Ends May 20th on Friday Midnight PT

Round 4: Starts Saturday May 21st at 10AM PT – Ends May 25th on Wednesday Midnight PT

Semis & Finals: Start Saturday May 28th at 10AM PT


The Streams:

Intro 10:00 – 10:20

Matches Begin 10:20

– Match 1

Post Com

– Match 2

Post Com


– Match 3

Post Com

– Match 4

Post Com


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