Canals Map – Ten Key Points To Consider

Since the Phoenix Tournament was announced, hundreds of players have been registering so that they can secure a position in the list of 64 teams that will be selected. As you well know by now, it will be a 4 vs 4 competition that will take place on the map, Canals. Previously known as Amsterdam, Canals has a unique infrastructure that will force teams to play strategically. The concept of ”Spray n’ Pray” is out of the question. Be sure that the team that has a well devised plan will win, so don’t go into the Critical Ops Tournament unprepared. This article will point you towards the right path into combining strategy & skills under one roof.

  1. Before the match begins, the team captain must ensure that 2 players from the Counter-Terrorists will cover A Bomb Planting Area & the other 2 should cover B Bomb Planting Area.
  2. If the Terrorist Team is planning to plant the bomb on A, then they should head to the planting area as stealthy as possible because the Counter-Terrorist Team will watch whether you cross the bridge from their spawn area.
  3. The Counter-Terrorist Team has the advantage of defense, while the Terrorist Team is putting its team on the line when they are trying to invade a planting area. That’s why the Counter-Terrorists should protect key openings that can be exploited by their opponents.
  4. The Cafe will always be a mid-point where both sides will try to take advantage of. Both teams should always try to be in control of the Cafe before their opponents get inside.
  5. Counter-Terrorists protecting B Bomb Planting Area should be very careful from being back-stabbed from the middle bridge intersection which allows the Terrorists to jump them from the left opening.
  6. Terrorists have advantage in numbers. They can use their 4 players to invade an area that is protected by 2 Counter-Terrorists. The ideal strategy is to send one player to an area to distract while the other 3 can take over the planting area, plant, & defend.
  7. Each team should create nicknames for key areas in Canals so that you can direct your members to the correct areas during a match without any confusion.
  8. Voice chat is necessary in a competitive match because we can assure you that your opponents will participate in a voice call while playing against you. Canals is a complex map that needs players to be in harmony with each other, and that requires a voice call.
  9. Usually, Canals has more long-ranged battles than short-ranged battles. Therefore, make sure to have grenades to aid you in your offensive or defensive assault. Having a talented Sniper on your team would be an advantage.
  10. Remember that the map you will play on has a lot of openings that can be used to take down your enemies without being overpowered. Try and find these strategic spots and use them wisely.

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