MOBILE ESPORTS – Now Featured on Mobcrush

The Phoenix Tournament was a blazing fire. Amazing support from the community received and even Mobcrush has helped shine the spotlight on this competitive tournament. We are very grateful for all of your support and we aim to work tirelessly on more and bigger tournaments for the future. Just recently, Mobcrush featured our Mobcrush Channel on their platform which is absolutely phenomenal. This is all possible because of you, the amazing community to which we are forever grateful. In addition, Mobcrush has done so much to help us on our journey by inviting our team to their headquarters, offering prizes, and now featuring us. Words can never be enough, nevertheless, Thank You Mobcrush!

With our 2nd tournament coming to an end, we have more projects that we are working on. Of course, we plan to include all of you in this vision of ours. What comes next is beyond ambitious but we believe that together we can accomplish the impossible and for you, we will go the extra mile to make our future goals into a reality. You might be wondering, ”Of what goals do you speak of, MOBILE ESPORTS? Spill the beans already!”

We know that you are curious and we will share with you more information, all in good time. In the upcoming weeks, we will share some sneak peeks about what awaits beyond the unknown. Meanwhile, we are working endlessly to shine the talent of our community to the world. Brothers, always remember that MOBILE ESPORTS will always represent your will. Thank you all for your support and stay tuned with our website for more information on what comes next.

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