The Phoenix Tournament – Round 3 & Beyond

Is it getting warmer here or is that the fire that resulted from this week’s apocalyptic matches? We can tell you that it hasn’t been an easy week for everyone. There has been victory and loss throughout Round 3 but some teams have left a memorable impression on our community. Oh we will discuss them! First, we will mention the teams that will play on stream this Saturday (May 21st) at 10 AM Pacific Time. Second, the memorable matches and talented teams from Round 3 will be discussed. Third, we will leave you with final words on Round 4 and the opportunity to cast your vote on the teams of your choice.

You’re wondering already, ”Which mighty teams made it to Round 4?” Your curiosity is understandable so we won’t keep you waiting. We will list you the teams and their opponents below. Behold, the powerful 8 teams that made it into Round 4:

  1. SxC Spartans vs Demolish
  2. Revolution vs SxC Chata
  3. P2W vs Kings Vendetta
  4. Team VX vs Darkest Throne

These 8 teams are already winners even if they lose in Round 4. Already promised 5 Critical Ops cases, now their burden is to be among the top 3 teams in the tournament. If you are one of these teams, then please be available at 10 AM Pacific Time on our Bindle chat room (#MobileeSports). It is important that you be there because you risk disqualification if you are not available. Friends, we ask that you do your best to be there because it took us a lot of effort and time to organize this tournament, and we are very grateful for your effort and time as well. Note: If you want to learn more about our rules & regulations for this tournament, then click here.

Team Spotlight

The most memorable match of Round 3 is without a doubt ”Team VX vs Nerds In Arms.” At first, Nerds In Arms were dominating. Once the score reached 9-2, a victory for Nerds In Arms seemed secured – or so we thought. It seems destiny had other plans for the competitive teams. We started to notice Team VX fighting for its survival, even better, for its glory. They made an unprecedented comeback and ended the game with a score of 13-12. Team VX has risen from the ashes like a phoenix, a symbol that best represents the soul of the Phoenix Tournament.

”P2W vs Savage Gaming” was another match that was extremely anticipated. Both teams had reliable and skilled players, it was hard to guess who would win. Throughout the entire match, both teams were neck and neck, keeping the viewers on the edge of their seats! The match ended with a score of 13-9, thanks to SxC Tempy’s domination, he managed to secure a victory for his team.

Lastly, the ”Ardent vs SxC Chata” match was a match based on skills, strategy, and struggle. These two teams faced each other in the old tradition of 2vs2. This may be an understatement but the the match was literally on fire! Ardent had a lot of player-synchronization – they knew exactly when to move and where to be, this helped them intimidate their opponents at first. However, SxC Chata pushed forcefully and used smart tactics to lead over Ardent in mid-game. Due to the absence of resources during the side-switch, Ardent struggled to take the lead. It ended with SxC Chata winning over Ardent. The match was cinematic, to say the least.

Round 4 leaves us at a critical point with 8 teams fighting for the #1 spot. Which team will take the lead? That’s what we will find out on Saturday (May 21st) at 10 AM Pacific Time. You can watch Round 4 live at We won’t keep you long, we will leave you to vote for the teams that you think will win in Round 4.

Cast Your Vote


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