MOBILE ESPORTS – Apply For A Position

We know that many of you have been wanting to be more involved in the Mobile eSports initiative and today we want to tell you that we have heard you. We believe that the community should be involved in what we do because it is absolutely vital that the relationship between us and the community remains strong. Therefore, you will now be able to apply for a role at MOBILE ESPORTS and be a part of our big projects that we are working on. Are you prepared to journey with us into the future of mobile gaming?

All what you need to do in order to apply is to fill our application form. It is necessary that you respond honestly to every question. There are several roles that you can apply for, so you can choose the position that matches your skills. If you feel that none of our provided roles fit you, then you can choose Other and write down the position that you would like us to recruit you for. Remember that we cannot respond to every single applicant, so the only ones that we will respond to are the ones that have been accepted. We can assure you that you will not be disappointed by what we are preparing for the next big thing. There are great things that will be revealed in good time.

Finally, to apply for a role at MOBILE ESPORTS Org, click here and fill out the form or visit

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