North American Qualifier – Choose Your Server

North American competitors, the time has come for a choice to be made and it is certainly a hard choice. As you well know, we will be starting with the North American Qualifier first and we have two servers to choose from. We did not want to select one over another without your vote because we understand that it might slightly affect your gameplay experience. Therefore, you have 1 week to vote for the server of your choice, USA East or USA West. The server with the majority of votes by the end of next week will be the server of choice.

We have taken extra measures so that you are not able to vote more than once for this poll as it is important for us to know where you stand. It is a moral obligation on your part to avoid the attempt of voting more than once. If anyone does cast more than one vote, all his votes will be cancelled. Without keeping you waiting, we welcome you to cast your vote on the server that you want us to host the North American Qualifer on.

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