The Bureau Map – 10 Tips & Tricks That Can Lead You To Victory

The latest addition to the Critical Ops maps is the selected arena for our first World Cup Qualifiers. Bureau is an incredibly spacious map with a similar color scheme to CS:GO’s “Season” & is no stranger to giving advantages to the CT side as well as the T side. This map was chosen by our team due to the fact that we love putting our competitors through fierce battles in environments & ranges that vary immensely. We didn’t want you to get into the battlefield unprepared, so we prepared for you 10 tips and tricks that would be important to consider when facing your opponents. Continue reading

The NA Qualifier – Server Confirmed & Updates Discussed

North American competitors and friends, today we will let you know more about the upcoming Qualifier of which many of you inquired about. There were two sides from the community that argued for different servers and as you well know, we left the decision to you, the players. The poll shows 63.83% voted for USA East Server and 29.26% voted for USA West Server. Therefore, we have decided that the NA Qualifier will be hosted on the USA East Server. Please understand that thousands have voted and we must take the majority’s decision; this is the byproduct of Democracy. Continue reading

Critical Ops Qualifiers – Registration Is Now Open

You asked for it and we are here to deliver. The time has come for the talented and the tactical amongst you to rally their team and register for the biggest series of FPS competitive gaming in the mobile world. We are trying to push the boundaries of eSports on the mobile platform like no other. We have invested a lot of time, effort, manpower, and resources. Most importantly, we listened to you and that’s how we came up with the Qualifiers series. Many of you wanted to play on different servers due to your diverse regions and our job is to listen to you and make it become a reality. Finally, the Registration link can be found at the bottom of the page. Continue reading

The Phoenix Tournament – What Was & What Is To Come

Many would argue that the Semi-finals & Final were the best we ever had in mobile competitive gaming. Their point of view lies in the fact that the top clans were competing against each other in this tournament. We have seen a lot more variety in comparison to the last one, with teams composed of different clans aligning together. We can unquestionably say that it was a phenomenal experience for all of us. What was even more interesting is that the unexpected happened. Yes, the underdog has won. Continue reading

The Phoenix Tournament – Round 3 & Beyond

Is it getting warmer here or is that the fire that resulted from this week’s apocalyptic matches? We can tell you that it hasn’t been an easy week for everyone. There has been victory and loss throughout Round 3 but some teams have left a memorable impression on our community. Oh we will discuss them! First, we will mention the teams that will play on stream this Saturday (May 21st) at 10 AM Pacific Time. Second, the memorable matches and talented teams from Round 3 will be discussed. Third, we will leave you with final words on Round 4 and the opportunity to cast your vote on the teams of your choice. Continue reading

The Phoenix Tournament – Round 3 Roadmap

We want to start by congratulating the teams that made it as far as Round 3! We all know it wasn’t a walk in the park; more like a struggle for survival! For those that missed our tweets, messages, and articles; we have postponed Saturday’s stream for Sunday, May 15th. It will be livestreamed at 10 AM Pacific Time on We have come down to approximately 16 Teams and things are getting more and more thrilling. So which teams have made it? We will reveal them for you below. Continue reading