Mobile eSports – Is It Worth Your Time & Energy?

Did you know that more people watch eSports than watch the MLB World Series or the NBA Finals? That’s according to the USA Today. Here’s a more bold statement: 188 million people watch eSports as of now. It is undeniable that the overwhelming majority of eSports games are found on the PC and Console platforms. That’s alright, they advanced first. However, we can see mobile gaming slowly surpass the latter two in downloads, revenue, and preference.

In an article written by based on the research done by SuperData, it was found that ”…games like Clash of Clans & Game of War alone have made more profit than the top ten console games combined in 2015.” You can imagine what this can mean to gaming companies, it means that they will invest in the future of mobile gaming. We also believe that the future of eSports will largely take place on the mobile platform, thanks to its portability and convenience. There is no question that mobile devices are the future of gaming for the majority of gamers around the world.

Research also shows that 42% of people in the USA engage in mobile gaming, that’s approximately 137 million people. Console and PC will slowly decline but attract a niche market, hardcore gamers that are willing to sit and play for many hours. On the other hand, the average person is likely to engage in mobile games since he doesn’t have to commit a certain period of time to sit and play. The average Joe can start any mobile game on his device while on the go and play to his heart’s content.

The mobility of mobile devices will drive companies to this platform and that’s why Mobile eSports as an industry is likely to see a tremendous growth by 2018. Our mission is to propagate & develop Mobile eSports for gaming companies and attract more players from different platforms to the mobile platform. We aim to help mobile gamers and teams build a career in this rising industry. Mobile eSports as an idea has proven to be successful, just look at our previous tournaments held for Critical Ops as an example. Other games that are also leading the charge on this front are Vainglory and Clash Royale. Therefore, we strongly believe that the case for Mobile eSports has already been made and you will see dramatic changes occur within the next few years.

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