The NA Qualifier – Round 2 Roadmap

It has been a long week for those that underwent Round 1 and we congratulate those that are now in Round 2. We know that most of you have asked for a livestream and that’s exactly what we are delivering today. Round 2’s debut will be livestreamed at 10AM Pacific Time and we hope that you join us on our Mobcrush Channel to see talented teams compete against each other. The stream will be shoutcasted by iChase & SuddenDeath, two very talented speakers we are very proud to present to you. There are some anticipated matches for today which the entire community is looking forward to watch and you will not be disappointed by them.

For teams that will play today, you must be available on our Discord Chat at all times. If your team has not joined our chat yet, then you can join it through this link: 10 teams have been selected and we are likely to see some of their matches played on stream. However, if your team can play and you haven’t confirmed yet, be sure to do so on our Discord Chat. Round 2 has 32 teams left and here are some of the matches that will be selected for the stream today:

  1. AcW vs Kings Vendetta
  2. Mercy Gaming vs Top Clan
  3. RnS vs Spirit Decimate
  4. Kings Redemption vs Union
  5. Pokeclan vs Team Phoenix
  6. Empire vs EZ Caution
  7. DC Vengeance vs NsD Gaming
  8. One Mind Supreme vs Team Vengeance
  9. Gaming Revolution vs TF-Wraith
  10. GankStars vs The Anonymous Team

We are likely to select 3 – 4 matches from the above mentioned depending on circumstances. We look forward to see some of these epic matches take place. Round 2 will start Saturday 10AM Pacific Time and ends on Friday, October 14th. So it is vital that you play your games within the appointed time frame. The majority of the teams are available in our Discord Chat and they are very easy to find and contact, therefore, if you haven’t joined us there yet, now would be a good time to do so. We wish you all good luck and may the best teams win! You can vote below for the teams that you think will progress to Round 3. The updated bracket can be found at the end of this page.

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