The NA Qualifier: Team Spotlight – Spirit Nightmare

The teams that remained have been left with a nightmare that will haunt them throughout the matches. That’s right, we are speaking of Spirit Nightmare, the powerful team that has surpassed all the rounds to make it to the Semi-Finals. This team is part of Spirit eSports, a mobile competitive clan that was created a month ago specifically to take over the NA Qualifier. And now, they are very close to doing just that.

The clan had two Spirit teams in the NA Qualifier, Decimate & Nightmare, but Nightmare was the one that survived the obstacles. With extremely talented players, Spirit Nightmare has been qualified to enter the World Cup Tournament and may now become the champions of the NA region.

Do you think that Spirit Nightmare has what it takes to beat their opponent Sector 7 Astronauts and then successfully face the remaining finalist? They will most certainly need to have a proper plan when playing in the Semi-Finals because their opponent has one too. The disadvantage is that they will be playing in daylight and since their opponents won’t be sleeping, their enemies may not experience any nightmares.

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