The NA Qualifier – Semi & Finals Roadmap

Things are coming to an end today and we will have a new champion representing North America! The question is, which team will have that honor? There are 4 teams left and they will fight amongst themselves to prove that they are worthy of the title. This will take place live on our Mobcrush Channel at 10:20 AM Pacific Time. Are you ready for real action like never seen before?

The four remaining teams are powerful enough to be in the Semi-Finals and we have featured each and every one of them on our website. If you wish to learn more about them, simply click on their names to be redirected to their featured pages. Without keeping you curious, let us reveal the matches taking place today:

  1. Sector 7 Astronauts vs Spirit Nightmare
  2. Kings Redemption vs Int Fusion

There will be two matches taking place and the victors of each match will face off against each other for a final battle that will be remembered for its competitive and strategic gameplay. Let us know how you think these matches will turn out based on your vote below.

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