The NA Qualifier: Team Spotlight – Int Fusion

Never underestimate a new name. Some names might contain prestige and others power, but it is the mysterious ones that create the most suspense. Int Fusion is a new team that we have heard of just recently. Our radar started glowing brighter with each round as they rose to power and it was only right to learn more about this ambitious team.

Formed 3 months ago, the team is certainly the underdog in their upcoming match against Kings Redemption. It will definitely not be easy but they made it this far, and therefore nothing is impossible for them. As we followed their progress throughout the NA Qualifier we were impressed by their teamwork and talent.

In fact, they had an inspirational quote that best describes their identity, struggle, and goal: ”We may not be the best, but that will never stop us from climbing to that goal. Nothing is impossible if you are dedicated enough. It’s time for us to achieve the impossible.” Beware Kings Redemption! Here they come for your throne.

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