ESports – The Thin Line Between Competition & Gambling

In many ways, the similarities and differences between mobile eSports and online casino gaming are clear. On one hand, mobile eSports offers competitiveness and prizes as well. On the other hand, online casino gaming also provides competition and prizes but the differences lie in how you engage with this competition and how you win the prizes.

In mobile eSports, the competition is approached as a team and hardship is overcome along with your team. As a team, you can be winners or losers. While online casino gaming has you fighting for your prizes competitively alone. If we are to describe both worlds in limited terminologies, then we can say that it is a battle between dependence vs independence, the pack vs the lone wolf.

If we look at games like Critical Ops, we notice how teams devise strategies, practice, and depend on one another to defuse the bomb and win the round. If we look at games from online casino platforms like, then it is clear that the person has his experience, luck, and skills as the tools to become victorious.

The controversy is whether we can consider online casino gaming to be eSports. Does it fit the criteria of what eSports is all about? The teamwork isn’t there, the feeling of dependence is lacking, and you aren’t quite competing against a rival team. These factors quite strongly define the barrier between the two.

The gambling aspect is more apparent and felt on the online casino side than the mobile eSports side. Perhaps a team does gamble a bit when they are matched against a much stronger team than them. What they put on the line may not be money but it is months of practice and many hours that were sacrificed. Therefore, if they lose they then lose all their hard work.

Finally, we see the similarities and differences between both, mobile eSports and online casino games. We cannot deny that the community of each world are quite different and have varying ambitions. Yet, we can agree that players in both worlds have a powerful drive to win; some fight for glory, some for fame, and others for prizes.

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