The SA Qualifier: Team Spotlight – Team Vengeance

The first team we are featuring in the SA Qualifier is Team Vengeance, a German team that was founded by 3 professional gamers: Basic, Xariji, and XFDP. While it is a 1 month old team, the players have been playing first person shooters for a very long time and are not to be underestimated. Not only have these players demonstrated their skills within the mobile community but also beat renowned teams within the PC community.

Team Vengeance carries an interesting philosophy that resembles the core of their strategic gameplay – the power of teamwork. Teamwork is not just a term for them but a way of life in the competitive world. They don’t care if one of them goes negative in a match, but what matters is the team’s victory.

The founders began their career in Critical Ops since the Alpha version via TestFlight and remained committed to the game until today. They did not spend all this time on Critical Ops for nothing and they have joined the SA Qualifier to prove this to the world.

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