The SA Qualifier: Team Spotlight – Brazil Revenge Clan

If any team should be taken very seriously at this point, it is Brazil Revenge Clan. The team was formed 6 months ago by players that have been competitively active on mobile since the days of Modern Combat 3. Their players happen to be some of the best in the community due to their extreme hours of training, which ranges from 6 to 8 hours per day!

Now, that is a lot of hours! No wonder they smoothly made their way to the Semi-Finals. Their opponents, Nerds In Arms, will have to train well against them because they seem to put serious effort into practice. Brazil Revenge Clan aims to represent their country Brazil in the best way possible, primarily through teamwork and brotherhood.

Whether Brazil Revenge Clan will manage to beat Nerds In Arms is yet a mystery but there is no doubt that they are a tough team to take down. No team in the past emphasized the importance of equality within their ranks as much as Brazil Revenge Clan. In fact, the captain of the team, SeVeN, had a final message to share, ”I may be the captain but everyone in the team is a leader. I am not alone in this, we are all together on the same boat.”

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