The SA Qualifier – Semi & Finals Roadmap

The South American Qualifier comes to an end today and it will be an open war between 4 vicious teams. You can join us live at 10 AM Pacific Time to witness the making of the champion of South America. To watch the livestream, be sure to join us at our Mobcrush Channel. For now, let’s take a look at the teams that will be playing.

Today, the Semi-Finals & Final will take place and it will be between the following teams:

  1. CsPG vs Team Peedoughs
  2. Brazil Revenge Clan vs Nerds In Arms

Some of these teams have been featured on our website and you can learn more about them by clicking on their names. Today, we will also reveal the 64 teams that have been selected for the European Qualifier.

There is also an updated bracket available at the bottom of this page for you to explore the journey of the South American teams. Do you already support a team out of the 4 that will play today? If yes, then cast your vote for the team of your choice below.

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