Critical Ops: Round 3 – Cast Your Votes

Do you know what day it is today? April Fools! However, today is also the day we livestream the Round 3 matches at 10 AM Pacific Time. For the record, we are not fooling you, there is a livestream! There are 5 matches that everyone is excited to see and we wanted to give you the opportunity to vote for the teams that you think will win.

Today’s Livestreamed Matches:

  1. Team Unknown vs Sector 7
  2. GankStars vs CSPG Immortals
  3. Devl Punishers vs HMRS Redemption
  4. Carbon vs Arctic Esports
  5. TPHX Reign vs ConfidCZ

Round 3 was supposed to be livestreamed last Saturday but Critical Ops servers were under maintenance at the time and we postponed the matches for today. Don’t forget to join us at  Twitch, Mobcrush, & YouTube. Now cast your vote below for the teams you think will win!

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