Critical Ops: World Cup – The Finals Roadmap

Today is the day, ladies and gentlemen. A day we have all been waiting for. A day that will reveal the champions of the world in Critical Ops. Following an intense match between Uprising and Redemption & after a competitive rematch between GankStars and Theocracy, we now have the finalists face each other, a long and brutal match between GankStars and Redemption.

The match will be based on Best of 5 which means they will play 5 matches in order to decide the winning team. All these matches will take place on separate maps. All of this action will be livestreamed today at 10 AM Pacific Time through the following channels: Twitch, Mobcrush, & YouTube.

There are a lot of prizes at stake and the World Championship title on the line. This is no simple match and teams have been preparing for it for many months. Join us today to see how it all comes to an end for this tournament. Be sure to vote below for the team that you think will win.

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