Critical Ops – New Tournament Proceedings Announced

Critical Ops as a competitive FPS game builds the perfect environment where mobile gamers can compete using their strategy and skills. Yet, there are those who attempt to use third party applications to have an unfair advantage over others. In order to put a stop to this, not only will cheaters be banned from our tournaments but from other tournaments as well. The following regulations will go into effect starting May 1st, 2017.

After discussing this issue with the other tournament organizers, we have agreed that hackers caught in any of our tournaments will be banned for a period of 6 months from MOBILE E-SPORTS Tournaments and other major tournament organizers. In collaboration with other organizers, we have put a database in place to enter the names of hackers that try to cheat their way in any of our tournaments. Players that have used hacks before the introduction of this new rule will not be affected by it.

Once a hacker has been discovered with solid proof against him, he will be informed that he will not be allowed to participate in any of our tournaments. Furthermore, if we learn that teammates were aware of the hacker and did not report him then these teammates will be banned for a period of 2 months.

Finally, those that fail to provide screenshots will initially be warned and will forfeit the victory to their opponent. A second failure to provide a screenshot will result in a 1 month ban for the player or team that fails to follow the rules. We believe that this initiative will greatly discourage hackers and we will continue to introduce new rules & regulations that will keep our tournaments and Critical Ops in general to always remain a fair and fun environment for all.

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