Critical Ops: The Sniper Tournament – Registration Now Open

In the world of Mobile FPS, Sniping is a talent. Anyone can spray and pray but not everyone can snipe. Therefore, we are introducing today The Sniper Tournament where 8 competitive teams will face each other for fame, cash, and glory. Do you consider yourself to be a top sniping team? Then this is your chance to prove that you are the best snipers in the community.

The Sniper Tournament Settings
  • Starting May 6th
  • 5vs5
  • 8 Teams Accepted
  • Canals Map
  • Team Deathmatch
  • $150 Prize & 250 Cases To Winning Team

Whether you are in it for the prizes or for the fun, apply below to get a chance at the first official Sniper Tournament for Critical Ops. Make sure that you include the correct email because that is where we will inform you that you were accepted. Dear Gamers, prepare your snipers, it is time to view the Critical Ops world through a whole new scope.

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