Critical Ops: The Team Deathmatch Tournament – Registration Now Open

For so long, teams have been defusing the bomb in Critical Ops. We came together and asked ourselves, if we are to host a Team Deathmatch Tournament, which team can perform better in eliminating the other? This is what this tournament will reveal to us. Today we have opened registration and we will be selecting 32 teams to participate in this competitive event.

The Team DeathMatch Tournament Settings
  • Starting May 15th
  • 5vs5
  • 32 Teams Accepted
  • All Maps
  • Team Deathmatch
  • $350 Prize & 250 Cases To Winning Team

Do you believe that your team is the best when it comes to taking out an opponent team? This is the chance to prove your case. All teams, old and new, are welcome to apply. It will be interesting to see what new strategies will be implemented when the fight becomes all about elimination. You can register for this tournament by signing up below.

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