Critical Ops – Community Event #1

We began our eSports initiative for this community mainly because it was our home. Therefore, we want to introduce to you our first Community Event where anyone from the community can join in Critical Ops matches against the MOBILE E-SPORTS Moderators! We will create public lobbies and whoever joins first will play first and if the players beat our moderators, then each will get 2 Critical Ops Cases.

It will be a fun time for you and us to play together and enjoy some funny moments. Here is the cool part, it will all be live! Remember, our Moderators will put up a good fight, so be prepared. We have provided you with more information about this event below.

The Community Event Settings
  • Streamed May 22nd – 2PM Pacific Time
  • Streamed On TwitchMobcrush, & YouTube
  • 5vs5 – Moderators vs Community
  • Defuse The Bomb
  • All Maps Possible
  • Four Fun Matches
  • 2 Critical Ops Cases

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