Critical Ops: The Summer Cup – Round 3 Roadmap

What amazing matches we had this weekend during Round 2 of the Summer Cup but the best are yet to come! As we enter Round 3, 16 top teams will face each other this week in an early face-off between long-time rivals. Now, we want to show you our updated bracket and reveal the selected 4 matches that will be streamed during the weekend.

The teams that were not selected for the stream must have their matches played by this Saturday, June 24th. As for the matches scheduled for stream, they will be briefed on this week’s stream time within 3 days.

Streamed Matches

  1. Theocracy vs Invisible Inc.
  2. GankStars vs Imperial
  3. Team Viral vs D2R Esports
  4. Team Zer0 vs Otter Esports

We are used to seeing teams like Imperial and GankStars face off during Semis or Finals but this time they are meeting each other early in the tournament. How Round 3 will end up will be quite interesting and you will see the aforementioned matches live on stream this weekend. More details on stream time will be provided beforehand. Finally, you can check the updated bracket below.

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