Critical Ops: The Summer Cup – Round 3 Schedule

Round 3 has been the centre of discussion by the Critical Ops Community. There are powerful teams facing each other on Saturday at 10 AM Pacific Time and so much for either side to win or lose. As you well know, we selected 4 matches that will be worth your time this weekend and all you need to watch them is your popcorn. Can we expect close matches, unexpected comebacks, or even epic moments? We will find out soon.

All four matches are extremely anticipated and it is very hard to bet on one or the other because it can really go both ways.

Streamed Matches

  1. Theocracy vs Invisible Inc.
  2. GankStars vs Imperial
  3. Team Viral vs D2R Esports
  4. AAS vs Land of Fire
The Summer Cup Tournament Settings
  • Streamed June 24th
  • Streamed On TwitchMobcrush, & YouTube.
  • 5vs5
  • Round 3
  • Plaza Map
  • Defuse The Bomb
  • $700 Prize & 250 Cases To Winning Team

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