Critical Ops: Anti Assault Tournament – Teams Announced

Are you prepared for some unconventional action? Well, if your team was selected, you better be! We have chosen 32 teams to participate in the Anti-Assault Tournament. If your team was not selected, please understand that thousands of teams apply for our tournaments and it would be impossible to select more than the amount required. With that said, let us go through the tournament details before we announce the teams.

Anti-Assault Tournament Settings

  • 5 vs 5
  • 32 Teams Accepted
  • Any Map Allowed
  • No Assault Rifles
  • Defuse The Bomb
  • $500 PrizePool & 300 Cases

Today, the teams will be announced and all teams will be emailed in order to inform them of their selection. Once teams have been selected, they are required to join our Discord Chat and request a ”Team Role” in our #teamrolerequest room. After we have brought the teams into the room, captains will get in touch with their opponents to decide on a time and date for their matches.

Keep in mind that we will select some matches to be played on stream and teams must show up to play or otherwise be disqualified. Round 1 will be approximately 1 week long unless we state otherwise. All maps are allowed to be played on and the mode will be Defuse The Bomb. In addition to our standard Rules & Regulations, all teams must avoid using weapons from the Assault Rifles Class. Finally, you can see the teams selected by viewing the bracket below.

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