Critical Ops: Anti Assault Tournament – Round 3 Roadmap

Round 3 begins with 8 powerful teams fighting for the top spot. The tournament has just got harder in many ways. Not only do teams get to face elite competitors but now all players must record their matches. These strict rules allow for a more controlled environment without any hackers. We have also updated the bracket so that you can see which teams have been qualified to move on.

Anti-Assault Tournament Settings

Round 3 matches will begin on stream with 4 matches left in the Anti-Assault Tournament.

  1. Obscurity vs D2R Insidious
  2. Team Hawkeyes vs CraZe
  3. Domination vs SetToDestroyX
  4. Kings Uprising vs Cloud Gaming

Stream Time Begins:

  • 10:00 PM (PT) Pacific Time, Friday
  • 7:00 AM (CEST) Central European Summer Time, Saturday
  • 10:30 AM (IST) Indian Standard Time, Saturday

You can see that the stream time is posted in several time zones to give you a better idea of when it will start. We understand that in some regions it may be border-late or early morning but rest assured that our stream will be uploaded to our YouTube Channel for you to watch at your convenience. Finally, you can find the updated bracket for Round 3 below.

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