WarFriends: The Tournament – Players Selected

Finally, we have selected 16 top players from the WarFriends Community for the first ever WarFriends Tournament! The process of selection was very long due to cross-comparison between players in order to ensure fairness, reliability, and stable connectivity. Before we announce our bracket, let us first go over the Tournament Settings.

The WarFriends Tournament Settings

All selected players will be emailed but even so, if you see your username in the bracket below, please join our Discord Chat and request a ”WarFriends Participant Role” in our #teamrolerequest room. Once you have done so, our staff members will give you access to the #WarFriends-Tournament channel. It is important that you join the server in order to participate because it is the best way to be in contact with you, and you to be in contact with your opponents.

Make sure to read our Rules & Regulations for The WarFriends Tournament before starting your first match. Also, before you begin your match you will need to notify one of our moderators or administrators so that we ensure that your game has been as fair and smooth as possible. Lastly, you can check the bracket for The WarFriends Tournament below.

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