The MOBILE E-SPORTS Shaker Cup – Help Us Make It A Reality

We recently wrote an article about the G FUEL Madness Contest which we are participating in. It started with 64 G FUEL partners, with us included. We won Round 1 and advanced to Round 2 where 32 partners remained in the competition. With your help, we managed to win and advance to Round 3 where 16 participants now remain. The #1 winner of this contest will receive $3500 and their own branded shaker cup and here’s how we can win.

The next round we need to advance to is the Quarter Finals. In order for us to make it there, we need as many people as possible to use our Code ‘EsportsMobile‘ when buying products from Our code will give you a 30% discount when you use it as well, so it is a win-win situation.

Furthermore, the winners of this contest are selected based on their codes usage. So you can buy a G FUEL 3-Pack for $4.99 while using our code to get a discount and this will help us rise on the leaderboard and advance to the next round.

If we win, we will use the cash prize to invest it into the upcoming tournaments as prize pool so that players from the community can win it. In addition, if we do become the winners of this contest then G FUEL will create for us our own MOBILE E-SPORTS Shaker Cup which we are really excited about. This can only be possible with your help. We are in Round 3 and have 2 days to get as many code usage as possible to advance to the Quarter Finals.

Finally, whether we win or not, we are proud to have represented our community of mobile esports players and came all the way to Round 3. We appreciate all of your support and thank you for being with us throughout all these years.